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rumors about the potc sequels

Pirates of the Caribbean 2/3 Rumors & Spoilers
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Spoilers, ho! Here be the place to share and discuss rumors about the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. Anyone may join, but keep in mind the posts will be moderated. This is to help weed out any trolls and unnecessary posts.

Production has wrapped
for At Worlds End.

What's allowed? Spoilers, rumors, interviews with cast members, photos, just about anything concerning information about the sequels. While this is a spoiler community, I ask that you still put spoilers behind an LJ-cut. Members then have the choice of whether to read a particular tidbit or not, and it will keep those who stumble across the community from getting upset. Also, images and significantly long posts should be put behind a cut for the sake of members' friends pages.

Rather than saving everything to the memories, I've added tags to each post to make for easy browsing. A list of all tags can be found at the bottom of the left sidebar.

Remember, not everything here is set in stone, it's just gossip until something has been made official. Now, have fun. :)